Child Support Appeals: How Attorneys Can Help

In every divorce, child support is an essential component. It gives the primary residential parent the financial freedom to provide the basic requirements of their kid, including clothes, food, and housing. Additionally, it permits future additions such as extracurricular activities, healthcare, and education. However, when one partner makes an effort to conceal or downplay their income, the relationship between the ex-spouses may become tense. If this happens, failing to pay child support might be viewed as contempt of court. Our lawyers will put in a lot of effort to make sure you get the full amount of child support to which you are legally entitled.

In Tennessee, until the age of 18, both parents are required by law to provide for their children’s needs. Using state criteria that account for each party’s income, parental contribution, and parenting time, courts decide how much child support to pay. It’s critical to comprehend how this computation is done to make sure your ex-partner or spouse isn’t unjustly disadvantageous to you.

You can get assistance with the intricate regulations pertaining to this area of family law from a Knoxville child support lawyer. Our staff has years of expertise and a successful track record in child support negotiations and litigation. We can present you the finest choices for your case’s successful resolution and assist you in obtaining the funds you require for your kid.

We can submit a petition to change the order if you are not receiving the appropriate amount of child support. You must demonstrate that there has been a significant change in circumstances since the prior order was issued in order to be eligible for a modification. This may be the start of a new career, a pay decrease, or the development of a medical issue.

West Knox Law is based in Knoxville and provides services to customers all throughout the area. Its legal staff represents clients in matters pertaining to a broad spectrum of family law concerns, such as paternity, divorce, adoption, and child custody and visitation. Its lawyers can represent clients in mediation, arbitration, and trials and have experience in contentious court cases.

Norton & Luhn was established in 2005 and provides family law assistance in a variety of areas. In addition to assisting clients with the divorce process, the firm’s legal staff handles claims of domestic abuse, custody issues, and parenting rights. Its attorneys may represent clients in arbitration, mediation, trials, and settlement talks. They have a wealth of expertise. They have been recognised by Knoxville Cityview Magazine as Top Attorneys for Divorce/Family Law and are a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator.


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