Navigating Child Support Disputes: The Importance of a Quality Attorney

When parents separate and divorce in Florida, the children are always the priority. They need to be well cared for in the short term and the long term. This means that after a custody agreement is reached, the parents will need to work out an appropriate child support arrangement. Hiring a Child Support Attorney in Orlando, Florida can help ensure that this is done correctly.

A skilled child support lawyer will be able to explain how the courts calculate child support in this state. They will know how to properly evaluate both parents’ income, including commissions, bonuses, overtime, spousal support, pension and annuity payments, disability benefits and other sources of income. They will also be able to determine what expenses should be included in the child support calculations, such as daycare costs, health insurance and extracurricular activities.

The law requires that both parties submit affidavits regarding their current income and expenses. The child support guidelines are based on these rules, but the court may deviate from the guidelines upon a showing that such a departure is warranted. It is also possible that a party can petition for an increase in the child support obligation when there are relevant circumstances that justify such an action. These circumstances could include a significant increase in either parent’s income, time-sharing changes or new medical needs for the child.

Once the court issues a child support order, it will generally be enforced through an income withholding order on the payer’s paycheck or other income source. The law provides for contempt actions when a person fails to pay the required amount. A failure to comply can result in a driver’s license suspension, jail time or other penalties. An experienced Orlando family law attorney can help with the enforcement of child support orders, whether they are issued during a divorce or later as part of a modification proceeding.

If a party to a child support case is failing to pay what they are supposed to be paying, it is important to get legal help immediately. A Orlando Child Support Attorney can help file a motion for contempt and take steps to ensure that the other parent is held accountable for their obligations.

The attorneys at Women’s Family Law Firm have years of experience representing clients in child support cases and other family law matters. Their focus is helping couples with their unique circumstances come to a peaceful resolution that puts their children first. They have experience in both high conflict and low conflict divorces, as well as same sex and non-traditional families. The firm can help with divorce, child custody, property division, alimony and paternity. Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help you with your family law case.


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